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Terms of Use

1. Requirements

Registration for our website ("") requires an active paid membership at our in-person school. A membership with Forest Wing Chun entitles the member to two in-person group classes per week, access to member's only pages on our official website, and the opportunity to join member's only events. Events may require additional fees or be restricted to students with specific progress in the school.

2. Code of Conduct

Members will not attack, assault, injure, or in any way interfere with the personal agency of other members or staff. Racism, bigotry, sexism, and all other forms of hate speech are forbidden for members inside and outside of class. Members are required and expected to devote genuine effort toward self-mastery alongside their development in Wing Chun. Members must cultivate self-control both in and outside of class; this is demonstrated by respectful interaction with teachers and other students, compassion toward others in discussion and action, and consideration for the consequences of one's actions before taking them. Members will also strive to develop critical thinking and self-reflection. These will both be used to discover the truth of why they think, believe, and act in the ways that they do. Any thought, belief, or habit found to be based on falsehood, assumption, prejudice, or misconception should be discarded and replaced with one based on evidence. As long as a member is willing to be honest with themselves and genuinely try to improve, progress will come with time. Effort is all we ask.

3. Eligibility

Failure to maintain an active paid membership will result in loss of in-person class and member website privileges. Providing falsified identification information during registration will disqualify one for membership. Membership in both the in-person school and member website is subject to terms of use and behavior, and may be revoked at any time by administrators with no refund of any dues paid. If membership is revoked, reason for revocation will be communicated to the suspended member via contact information given during registration. Administrators for Forest Wing Chun may, at their sole discretion, reinstate a suspended member after remittal of past-due membership fees or discussion of any conflicting behavioral issues.


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