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Privacy Policy

We only collect data from registered members of Forest Wing Chun, in order to better communicate with and serve them. We never share user data with anyone outside of Forest Wing Chun. Registration for our website ("") requires an active paid membership at our in-person school. Failure to maintain an active membership will result in loss of member website privileges.

1. What Data We Collect

During registration we require a valid e-mail address and a password to create a login for our members' section. Forest Wing Chun has no access to passwords created by members. After a member's account has been approved by an administrator, additional information may be entered on a secure member's page visible upon login. In total, the information possible to submit includes: a valid e-mail address, a password, a valid phone number, and a valid street address.

2. How We Use Collected Data

Data collected during or after member registration will only ever be used by Forest Wing Chun to contact a member regarding official school business, functions, events, or related information. We do not sell, offer, distribute, or otherwise disclose any user information to sources outside of Forest Wing Chun. Forest Wing Chun may send official updates, greetings, reminders, discounts, or general communication to sources provided during or after registration.

3. Security

All data provided to Forest Wing Chun is protected by industry standard security practices, including but not limited to: HTTPS website access, SSL security encryption, and restricted file access.

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