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COVID-19 Update

To our students, friends, and greater Forest Wing Chun family: I hope you are all as healthy and happy as possible during a global pandemic. Please be sure to follow any official health guidelines closely, and stay updated as they change. Remember that prevention is not just for your own safety but the safety of all our neighbors. It may not seem like what you do has an effect, but it all adds up when we work together.

In an ongoing effort to do our part as a community business, we will be updating many of our procedures and practices until the crisis is over. These changes include but are not limited to: thorough deep cleaning of our studio before and after every class, mandatory hand washing for students (up to the elbow) before and after class, and compliance with all government guidelines on group size limits. We will also be practicing social distancing in class, which includes a transition to teaching without physical contact for now.

I appreciate everyone's support during what is proving to be a difficult time everywhere in the world. We will work hard on continuing to provide the consistently engaging, high quality training that you've come to expect as a member of Forest Wing Chun. In difficult times do your best to stay centered in the present. With mindfulness and sensitivity, you can adapt to and overcome anything that threatens your balance. We'll be right there with you along the way.


Sifu Ethan Caudy

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