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Happy New Year from Forest Wing Chun!

Happy new year from the staff at Forest Wing Chun! A new year is so often a time of celebration and change. People reflect upon the past year and resolve to act or think differently in the next. Resolutions made in good faith on the first day, however, often fail to carry through to completion. Why is this? The truth is that a single year is easily long enough to make any change to yourself which you want, or get yourself headed in the right direction. Why does it seem so hard then? The secret is motivation. You don't actually want to do it!

Many changes begin from outside pressure. We are constantly bombarded with messages telling us what to feel, think, or want - few places on Earth are spared from advertising. If advertising doesn't get you, then social pressure will tell you who and what to be. If you begin a change in your life because someone else tells you to, is it really a change in your own best interest? A bit of introspection can help sort out what it is you really want for yourself. What is a resolution if not an attempt to solidify your "resolve", your motivation to carry something out? If there is something you truly want for yourself, nobody will need to convince you to do it - least of all yourself.

In the spirit of a new year, if you want to resolve to change yourself or your life, then make the resolution to figure out exactly who you are and who you want to be. Learn to separate other people's expectations from your own innate direction. Work to establish a strong center physically, emotionally, and mentally so that you act from a healthy and balanced perspective. In all things, strive to simply be yourself, and be good at it! Nobody else can be you. From all of us at Forest Wing Chun, we wish you a centered and fulfilling year.

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