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Our Lineage

True martial arts are handed down from master to student over the generations, preserving the authentic principles they were founded on. It is important to acknowledge those people who gave us the opportunity to study Wing Chun as it exists today, and thereby know where we as martial artists come from.


John Siu

John Siu earned a black belt in Ju-jitsu, studied Wushu at the Shaolin Temple in China, and was given Instructor rank in Wing Chun by Alan Goldberg. Without Mr. Siu's guidance, Forest Wing Chun would not exist. Mr. Siu no longer teaches Wing Chun publically, and out of respect for his privacy his picture and contact information have been omitted.

Sifu Alan Goldberg

Alan Goldberg

Alan Goldberg trained under Jason Lau at his "Shaolin Yong Chun Temple" in New York for 5 years. He went on to establish his own school in Brooklyn, and was later asked by the mayor to put together a training program for the Emergency Service Unit, which became the ”Law Enforcement Survival System”. Click image for more info.


Sifu Jason Lau

Jason Lau

Jason Lau grew up studying Northern Shaolin under his mother in Hong Kong, and then Wing Chun under Jiu Wan until Mr. Lau left to teach in the US. He was later recruited to teach at Cobray's counter-terrorism camp, where he became head instructor and personal bodyguard to the camp's director. Click image for more info.

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Sifu Jiu Wan

Jiu Wan

Jiu Wan was born in Foshan, China, where he studied Wing Chun from childhood. Some say he was a student of Ip Man, but he likely learned under Jiu Jow (his uncle) and also Chan Yu-gum, son of Chan Wah-shun. Jiu Wan and Ip man were close friends and, after teaching on the mainland, Jiu Wan moved close to Ip Man's Hong Kong school.

Sifu Ip Man

Ip Man

Ip Man was born in Foshan, China where he began learning under Chan Wah-shun at age 7. Chan died three years later, leaving Ng Chung-sok to teach Ip Man. Ip Man later trained under Leung Bik, a classmate of his first Sifu Chan Wah-shun. Ip Man's student, Bruce Lee, was the first to teach Wing Chun in the west.

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