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Fridays:   6pm - 7pm

Sundays: 2pm - 3pm

      Try two group classes for free! See if our school is right for you before you join. Membership starts at $79 per month and grants access to two classes per week, access to online resources, and members only events.

     Due to the self-paced nature of Wing Chun training and the individual needs of every student, no two classes will ever be quite the same. Basic classes last for roughly one hour and follow this outline (click to expand):​​

     While group classes provide everything you need to advance in Wing Chun, personal one-on-one instruction can help overcome stubborn obstacles in your training.

     Private classes are available via appointment within the greater Central Virginia area. Prices begin at $60 per hour for local area appointments.

     Private classes are also available in most locations within the continental U.S., with additional travel and accommodation fees depending on destination.

     If you think private classes would be right for you, contact us for a free consultation.

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