Forest Wing Chun

Find Your Center, Unlock Your Potential

Learn to fight while relaxed, work with focus, and live in peace. Train your body and mind to work together under your direction. Defend yourself against anything that threatens to throw you off balance physically, emotionally, or mentally.

Sifu Caudy

Why Wing Chun?

An Instructor's Perspective

As a student I fell in love with Wing Chun's deceptive simplicity, relaxed technique, and efficient movement. Relying on structure means that no energy is wasted going muscle-to-muscle with attackers, and enables people of all types to effectively defend themselves. Anyone of any size, shape, or age can succeed with sincere effort.

Learning how to move properly is the cornerstone of any real martial art; however, control of the body is only half of the equation. A clear, disciplined, and focused mind is key to success in both kung fu and life outside the studio.

Mindfulness can be developed and preserved through meditation, and a certain courage blossoms forth when you understand the root of all your actions. By cultivating mental and emotional temperance alongside physical form, students will become not just better fighters - but better people overall.

“The softest things in the world overcome the hardest things”

― Laozi, Dao De Ching